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I'm on a mission to help passionate & driven hairstylists around the world learn the WHY behind what they're doing everyday - so that they can live stress free - and fall in love with their career (and life) more each day! 

I'll be the first to admit - this industry can be like, *really tough*. I've been in the trenches just like you - and I've made more mistakes than I'd like to admit (sorry clients) - LUCKILY, I've learned from those mistakes, and today I get to teach stylists exactly why we do - or dont do certain things to have massive success - whether that's with hair color, or business. 

I'm a hairstylist, salon owner, and coach
all about real results

Shelby Here!

- Michelle B

..Shelby, you have no idea how much you’ve changed my life... If you're thinking about taking the leap, do it. I promise you won’t regret it, and your career will THRIVE. Learn from the best to become the best"

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- Melanie g

 I am forever grateful that I stumbled upon Shelby when I did, because honestly without her I wouldn’t have the confidence that I do now behind the chair.

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- Skye M

Ivy League Stylist Single Handedly Changed The Game For My Career

REVIEW NO. 2 of 2

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Dare we say this is the most valuable formula resource ever? YUP, WE'RE SAYIN' IT. It's time to toss those swatchbooks & formula guides - and finally learn the secrets to creating the perfect formula for any guest - every dang day!

Ivy League Formulations

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- Rachel F

I've been overcomplicating formulations for years - you changed my mindset behind them and I'm SO grateful!

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- Eliza R

I tripled my clientele in just ten days.

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Yesterday I told you Ikea changed my business forever - Look, I hate Ikea - but I am so thankful for the simple yet valuable lesson it taught me.

You're a Hairstylist…. Not Ikea (part 2)

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I was 2 hrs and 10,000 steps into walking around IKEA when I realized I absolutely hate it here….

You're a Hairstylist… NOT Ikea

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